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Q. How does my organization know when it is ready for a fund raising campaign?

A. A strategic planning process should have been completed that tells you your organization must expand its services and/or facilities to continue to be a viable agency in your community or region. The strategic planning process should also tell you if the only option to you, as the Director of a non-profit organization, is a public fund raising campaign.

Q. Where do we start?

A. With a Planning Study (sometimes called a Feasibility Study).

Q. What does a Planning Study do?

A. It will tell you much more than if your goal is attainable. It will tell you how your organization is perceived in the community; who the potential leaders and volunteers for a Capital Campaign are; and where the major gifts might be. It will also provide a "blue print" for a successful Capital Campaign.

Q. How does
THE NEWTON GROUP conduct a Planning Study?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP interviews the business and civic leaders in the community, as well as potential top donors and volunteer leadership.

Q. What makes your methodology unique?

A. All the confidential interviews are conducted in person. We do not use anonymous or random mail or telephone surveys. Our questions are conversational and not a checklist.

Q. How are the results reported to my organization?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP will present you with a statistical and narrative report that looks at all the components of your plans for a Capital Campaign. If the Planning Study shows a "green light," you are ready to move ahead. If it is an "amber light," we will make recommendations on what your organization has to do to position itself for a Capital Campaign. If a "red light" is reflected in the Planning Study report, we will tell you in detail the areas of concern and what your organization has to do to get ready for a future Capital Campaign.

Q. When do you go out and ask for the money?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP works behind the scenes in preparing for and conducting a Capital Campaign. We will prepare your volunteers to solicit donors.

Q. How do you prepare volunteers?

A. By providing the proper "campaign tools" and training. THE NEWTON GROUP will also manage the day-to-day operation of the Capital Campaign.

Q. Is your fee based on the results of the Capital Campaign?

A. No. THE NEWTON GROUP's fee is based on the amount of time we believe it will take to prepare for and conduct the Capital Campaign. Our fees are inclusive, including the writing of a brochure and the script for a video or PowerPoint presentation, if desired. There are no hidden charges.

Q. What is my role as Executive Director in a Capital Campaign and the role of my Director of Development?

A. You will be the very visible spokesperson for the Capital Campaign. THE NEWTON GROUP does not replace your Director of Development. We work closely with that individual. We also realize the Director of Development has many other tasks to perform, including special events and on-going fund raising.

Q. Will I need additional staff during a Capital Campaign?

A. You will need a trusted clerical or accounting staffer to set up the bookkeeping for the campaign and to send out invoices, thank you letters and reminder letters.

Q. How about publicity surrounding the Capital Campaign?

A. Because of its experience in fund raising and Media Relations, THE NEWTON GROUP believes publicity is a vital component of a Capital Campaign.

Q. Are there any guarantees of success?

A. No one can guarantee a Capital Campaign will be successful. There are just too many situations over which no one has any control. What THE NEWTON GROUP does guarantee is experienced and professional consulting services.

Q. What other services are available from THE NEWTON GROUP?

A. We have proven experience in Board training and conducting Development Audits that take a look at an organization's fund raising capacity.

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Q. What is Media Relations?

A. Media Relations is providing the editorial sections of print and broadcast media with information about your company, organization or school.

Q. How does it differ from advertising?

A. Advertising is the paid placement of an ad you have created. Media Relations involves working with the editorial sections. There is no charge for editorial information.

Q. What type of information would go in the editorial section?

A. That depends on your company. Certainly new hires and promotions would qualify. So would new products and services provided by your company. Individuals within your company or agency may be newsworthy.

Q. Who decides what would be newsworthy?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP would meet with you on a regular basis to discuss what is happening in your company or agency.

Q. What about crisis communications?

A. Most businesses or agencies have some plan to recover from a disastrous situation, such as a fire. What they often lack is a media plan:
Who will be the spokesperson for the company?
How will employees be notified?
THE NEWTON GROUP will help you plan for a crisis and assist with the communications during a crisis.

Q. What other types of communications do you do?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP can provide speeches for executives, as well as executive training for working with the media We also produce special letters as well as brochures and newsletters.

Q. What is the charge for THE NEWTON GROUP's services?

A. THE NEWTON GROUP performs its Media Relations work on an hourly basis. All invoices clearly document the work performed and the time involved.

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